Environmental Hero Award April 23, 2011

The Carlsbad Garden Club was recognized by the Aqua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation for our work maintaining the native habitat at the lagoon educational center.  The AHLF board also placed a signed in front of the building acknowledging the club.  Many thanks to Mary Hassing, our AHLF Chairperson and to the member volunteers that follow through with our club’s mission and purpose with this project.

Rancho Carlsbad Community Garden April 15th, 2011

The Carlsbad Community Gardens Collaborative extended the club’s relationship with the Rancho Carlsbad Community Garden this year.  The senior residents of Rancho Carlsbad host the Boys and Girls Clubs of La Costa and Carlsbad to pass on gardening to the next generation.  The CCGC interviewed and photographed Jack Jafee and the children for the purpose of making a video that features the garden on the newly established Carlsbad Community Gardens website.

Balboa Park Horticulture and Architectural Tour April 1, 2011

We hosted an architectural and horticultural tour of Balboa Park in April.  We received some press in a column in the North County Times, which brought us guests from other garden clubs and interested citizens. Tour guide David Frost introduced to five different gardens and discussed the history of the many beautiful buildings in the park.  Afterward we gathered in small groups for a picnic lunch.

Carlsbad Community Gardens Collaborative Life Technologies Corporate Garden February 26, 2011

The newly formed Carlsbad Community Gardens Collaborative was a sub-group of the Carlsbad Garden Club, now functioning totally independent of Carlsbad Garden Club.  This new group is now a member of the Palomar District as well as the California Garden Club Inc.The CCGC’s main purpose is to establish additional community gardens in Carlsbad.  The CCGC wrote and submitted a grant, which the Carlsbad Garden Club fiscally sponsored.  Although we were not awarded the grant, the first corporate community garden was established at Life Technologies on their first Annual Day of Giving Back.  24 EarthBox grow boxes were planted by the Collaborative and volunteer members of the community, including representatives from the San Diego Foundation and Carlsbad Rotary Club.  The grow boxes are located on the patio just outside the cafeteria at the Newton Building at Life Technologies.  It is called “The Newton Garden”.

Horticulture Scholarship

We unanimously voted to increase our Mira Costa Horticulture Scholarship from $800.00 to $1,200.00 this year.

Atlas Garden Gloves

Fran Whitton took orders for Atlas Garden Gloves.  As a group we can order them online for a reduced cost.  Small, Medium and Large in the colors Green and Blue have been ordered.  Fran is carrying the gloves with her to our events, so members who ordered gloves can pay and pick up their orders. Thank you Fran for this great idea!

Art Terrariums

We made Art Terrariums and Garden Origami for our upcoming Cole Library Plant Sale on April 16th and 17th, 2011.  This was our annual craft meeting and some members brought their own supplies to make and take home terrariums to keep and enjoy. Thank you CGC members for making this day such a great success, and for the quick clean up too!

Discovery Group

The Discovery Group met at the home of Maxine Levine and potted more plants for our Cole Library Plant Sale. Thank you Maxine for hosting the lovely lunch and for sharing your home, patio and garden with us.

Aunt Mary’s Cookies

We were presented with a wonderful gift from member Mary Tornborg.  “Aunt Mary’s Cookies” is a compilation of 87 of Mary’s best cookie recipes with ingredients most of us have in the kitchen. Mary is donating all proceeds from the book to the CGC. Books are available for $10.00 and Mary is happy to autograph the book if you wish. Anne Smith created the book with Mary; typing, publishing and coordinating the printing. What wonderful and dedicated members we have!  Many thanks to both Mary and Anne.If you are interested in purchasing “Aunt Mary’s Cookies” book, send an email to www.carlsbadgardenclub.com, send your name and address with $10 per book to P.O. Box 626, Carlsbad, CA 92018, or pick one up at our next CGC meeting. The recipes are delicious and the book makes a great gift.

Carlsbad Garden Club Field Tripto Dos Gringos, Vista, CA January 7, 2011

Many thanks to Jason Levin, Owner, Joan Saunders, and Suzy, for an amazing tour and bouquet demonstration.  Dos Gringos oozes positive corporate culture, and environmental innovation.  The state-of-the-art, facility and production capability is quite impressive. Click here to see some of the tour.   Dos gringos is also the home of Rene van Rems International. The resource link The Dirt is the Dos Gringos newsletter. We learned that Dos Gringos bouquets are available at local supermarkets and Trader Joe’s, and that we can order online from The Sunflower Guy.   We very much appreciate our growing relationship with Dos Gringos. Jason generously donates all of the flowers and greenery for San Diego County Petals for Patriots deliveries.  After the tour, Members socialized and enjoyed a delicious lunch at Luna Grill.

Holiday Party and Luncheon December 3, 2010

Santa made a surprise visit at our December Holiday Luncheon. We must have been very good all year. He played his guitar and sang holiday songs, played games and entertained us with his humor.  Debbie Hensel solved most of the flash card puzzles.  We held our traditional gift exchange/auction, and again added to our fund raising goals. Thank you to all who helped with the luncheon. Kitty Sparrow, Martha Law-Edwards and Jim Suztecki assisted with facilities. Sara Wollard and Jan cannon made the beautiful decorations. Barbara Diamond and Sara Wollard conducted the auction and Ellen McGrath-Thorpe organized the raffle for the centerpieces.

Floral Design Event Featuring David Root November 5, 2010

The turn out was fantastic.  We enjoyed meeting many new friends of members. Many thanks to everyone who turned out, volunteered and added to the success of our Floral Design Event Featuring David Root. David created more than six beautiful designs.  Raffle winners took home some of the floral arrangements, one was delivered to Mayor Bud Lewis to thank him for his many years of service, and another design was delivered to La Costa Coffee Roasters to be displayed. We had many guests including Kent and Kim Horner of  C & H Gardens Artistic Landscape & Tree Service, Inc.  Kent played the piano for us and donated his cd sales to Petals for Patriots, which was started by David.

Liz Youngflesh Garden Glories Nursery October 2, 2010

Our field trip to Garden Glories Nursery was a delight.  Liz Youngflesh shared many Australian and specialty plants which we were able to purchase.  One of the highlights of our tour was the milkweed with Monarch Butterfly eggs, caterpillar and chrysalis.  We enjoyed a scrumptious lunch at Ciao’s Restaurante afterward.

Mo Price Australian Plants September 3, 2010

Mo Price became interested in Australian plants shortly after becoming a Docent at San Diego Botanic Garden in 2001. She was awestruck by some of the beautiful and unusual plants from Australia and soon discovered that most Australian plants are evergreen, looking nice year-round, even when they are not blooming. She started visiting local nurseries on a weekly basis, hoping a new species would be waiting for her when she arrived. She currently has over 100 Australian Natives in her garden.  Mo’s presentation included a slide show featuring many of these plant varieties.