Martha Law-Edwards, Secretary

Ellen McGrath-Thorpe, Treasurer

Sue Kelly-Cochrane, Vice President

Anne Smith, President and

Maxine Levine, Parliamentarian


Board for 2012-13

The 25 Members who came to our August Garden Party hosted by Cindy Phillips had a wonderful time enjoying her 270 degree view with the ocean in the front of the property and the canyon beyond. The breeze was amazing, and so were the very tasty potluck offerings by the Members. Anne gave a brief review of the proposed Program and Jubilee. Sharon took this wonderful picture.


On September 18th, the Discovery Group’s Leader Helena organized a trip for us. First we had a wonderful lunch at the Vintana Restaurant in Escondido. This restaurant is located above a car dealership…you would never know that it was there! Then we went to the Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead nearby, and got to see what life was like when California became a state for a young couple and their 6 children. For more details, go to

September 7, 2012

·        Our first Club meeting of this Garden Club year

·        In our new location.

·        Our Speakers were Master Gardeners, Charlotte Getz and Sue Marchetti and their topic was “Fall and Winter Blooming Trees, Shrubs and Perennials”. No pictures can capture how good their PPP was. They provided pictures from all over this area and gave us the information on potential size, amount of water needed, best location in terms of sun and soil as well as color of blooms.

·        Excellent start to our year!

·        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

·        The Board decided to provide door prizes this year.

·        When you enter and sign in as Member or Guest, Mary T will give you a door prize ticket.

·        The officers will provide the prize, limited only by our imaginations

·        The top picture show the basket provided by our Vice President, Sue K-C, and the lucky winner turned out to be the Birthday Member, Susan O

·        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

·        Cindy is our Horticulturalist this year.

·        She brought in 4 different plants.

·        The bottom picture shows Cindy with this giant seed.


On October 5, 2012, the Club carpooled and toured the Mountain Meadow Mushroom Farm in Escondido. It was quite warm and we stood for just over 2 hours mesmerized by Gary Crouch, co-owner of a “family business”, one of the few left, that supplies organically grown mushrooms to local markets all over Southern California. We were certainly impressed by the attention to detail on the production of the growing medium, and the subtle effects brought about by the temperature with a single degree meaning success, a poor harvest or none. We were each given a pint of mushrooms that had been picked that day. We had also been encouraged to bring a shovel and containers to take away some of their compost. Their Farm is open on Sundays to collect compost. Patrice brought some back to the Community Garden in Carlsbad.

Over the years, the Carlsbad Garden Club has participated in Community Events. In the past, we have run a plant sale in affiliation with the Friends of the Library when they have their “Better Book” Sale at Cole Library. Here we are on October 20th just setting up our tables. On that Saturday, the weather was not very cooperative….rainy and quite cool. A lady who worked in the Library offered me her umbrella which I held over potential customers so they could shop in some comfort. Too bad about the weather, because the setting surrounded by their landscape
with their low walls which we could use to supplement our tables provided a very lush display…….and everyone going into the library had to pass us!

In the first picture, we see Sharon, 2011-12 President, who made a lovely Halloween container garden for the library as our “thank you” and Fran, our Liaison to the Palomar District. Both provided plants and storage.

In the middle picture, you see Ellen (webmaster and Treasurer), Fran and Robin, who manages the Pennies for Pines project.

In the bottom picture, there is Ellen showing off her special Carlsbad Garden Club shirt, a project from several years ago, and Sharon and Robin.

Sunday was a much nicer day despite the forecast! And with everything at bargain rates, we had quite a busy 2 hours. Almost 50% of the Club participated in some way and we had a fun time. Even with the sales tax, we cleared over $430.

We’ll be back in April at the Library’s Spring Book Sale.!


On November 2, 2012, our Speaker (photo on the right), Jerry Robinson is the cofounder of Rainforest Flora in Torrance. He started his adult life searching for buried treasure in the Caribbean. Instead he discovered treasure growing in the wild all over. He has been collecting exotic plants and propogating them as well. Truly passionate about his love of bromeliads, he brought many examples of his crop to explain how his business evolved due to changing in the market as well as the political situation in the areas of the growing fields. The plants that he brought with him were available for us to buy.

The door prize, a gorgeous birdhouse was provided by Maxine. The plants brought in by Cindy were also available for sale.

On December 7, 2012, we had our annual Holiday Party. Members donate prizes wrapped and they are auctioned off. Keep in mind, you are bidding based on the wrapping paper, size, and the amusing words of our very own Sara. After winning, the prize is opened amid lots of oohs and aahs. Then we eat the potluck and socialize. Lots of fun!





This is our fourth year to participate in the Petals for Patriots project. Our Club was scheduled to bring floral arrangements and a fruit basket during the months of November and December. On December 12, Rita and I picked up flowers from Dos Gringos who donates them to us. After we arranged them, we drove off to deliver them to the Wounded Warriors Barracks. We also brought a fruit basket with some homemade trail mix.

December Discovery Holiday Party at Fran’s Home


Fran very graciously offered her house as the site for the Discovery Holiday Party. We exchanged gifts after eating and socializing. Good time had by all!


January Meeting

Nice to see everyone after the Holiday. We discussed plans for the Jubilee, and then we were introduced to our Speakers. Candace Vanderhoff discussed the basics of rainwaterharvesting, and with the help of Patrice, assembled a rainbarrel. Then Bruce Mariani, , discussed his organic friendly cleaning and sealing products (see Picture on left) and then graciously gave us some samples to use as door prizes. Quite a different program from previous meetings but very interesting and fit in with our Club’s goal to conserve our resources.

One of our Members, Robert has designed a Japanese Garden which he is very proud of, especially since he gathered the plants and rocks and did most of the hard work himself. Even with these very slow growing plants, this garden has evolved over the years which warrants new visits every so many years. Another wonderful Discovery organized by Helena……………Thanks to both Robert and Helena!


We finalized our Jubilee plans at the February Club Meeting.


Richard Wright from Edible Landscape,  gave us all kinds of hints to encourage us to plant fruit trees and vegetables in our gardens. He also provided handouts. If interested, contact me and I will send them to you.

Our March Meeting Celebrated Our Jubilee, details on the next page.


Our April 5th Club Meeting was a field trip to the Old Coach Vineyards in Poway. Our Guide is the owner, a fascinating, multi-talented lady shown by the 30 foot waterfall in the center of the 41 acre property (top, left). The other pictures on the right, from top to bottom, show

·        (Top, right) Mary T on left and June posing on this bridge over part of the water that flows from the waterfall.

·        In the opposite direction is their “summer cottage” where the owners and their guests spend most summer evenings, watching the koi in the pond and the various birds in the trees that surround the pond.

·        Seen in the distance are some of the llamas living in the property. Once a herd of 125, they are down to 20. The llamas helped provide protection during the bad fires since they keep the natural vegetation very short. The fires literally came up to their property lines, split going around their property, and rejoining and going on to wreck havoc elsewhere. Meanwhile the llamas went up to where the home and barn is, sat down and waited out the fires…no damage there!


As a more traditional fundraiser and community exposure, we accepted again the invitation to join the Friends of the Library at their Spring Book Sale at the Cole Library. We had much better weather than the Fall Sale, but otherwise it was just the same. A great variety of plants, grown by our Members, as well as few garden related items were combined with some of our Inventory to make an interesting “market”.  Plants were provided by Ellen, Fran, Martha, Maxine, Wendy, Mary H, Anne, Cindy. Jodi T, Mary T, Chris M, Sue K-C, Barbara D and Helena. We met many lovely people and passed out brochures which told about our Club and have a Membership Application.


The first picture shows a customer whose blouse we all admired. Pictured are Ellen, Susan O and June . Other Members who sold on Saturday were: Martha, Nancy, Sharon K-L (who took this picture), Elaine, Vonnie, Cindy, and Rachel.


The bottom picture shows us during a quiet moment. Nancy (standing) came back to make sure we had enough staff. Seated from left to right are Fran, Barbara D and Sara. Ellen took the picture.

Our May Club Meeting included the installation of the Officers for 2013-14. Fran conducted the installation…lovely and inspiring! The Meeting included a presentation by Eric J. Olsen who introduced us to Sea Crop of California, LLC. Sea Crop is a liquid organic concentrate which is a fertilizer. It is so safe that he drank some of it in our presence. Members who have already tried  Sea Crop swear by it. As a Club, we will maintain an Inventory of this product to sell and will keep in touch with Eric to keep a supply on hand. If interested contact Anne through our email address.


Our Annual Garden Tour, June 7.2013
Our June Club Meeting was the Annual Garden Tour organized by President Anne. She also invited the Carlsbad Newcomers to join the Members and their friends and neighbors.  After the Tour, she arranged a no host lunch at Mimi’s Café. The 2 pictures on the side show the first and last gardens that we toured.

The top one shows our Lifetime Member Mary T explaining hydroponic gardening. This was in her garden for over 38 years with wonderful yields. When Mary moved, she gave the setup to Linda, our Honorary Member. This garden, which Mary helped Linda design, includes a patio, outside kitchen, a “cottage” for relaxation as well as a wonderful mix of flowers, vegetables and fruit trees.


The lower one shows the entrance to the home of Weston Barnes, owner of Harmony Landscape Inc. This very unique property is on 3 acres with an ocean view. Because of the continuous wind, he had to design hardscape to provide shelter. Besides a variety of gardens, there is a koi pond, a barbeque entertainment area with a sitting area that includes a mosaic rose, a custom fire strip…all contained within a circle of protection from the wind.

The three pictures below give you an idea of how Weston Barnes designed 4 landscapes in the very new development off Canon Rd. From left to right,

·        Weston Barnes explaining how he created these 4 landscapes. He got to know the owners of each of the homes, their personalities, their wishes for the gardens and the time, etc. that they had to devote to their gardens. His hardscapes included pools, Jacuzzis, fire pits, and a variety of eating and entertaining areas.

·        This is a sample of the variety of plants that he included in the landscapes with an emphasis on drought resistant plants.

·        This is an example of a truly creative water feature made out of a block of onyx.

What a great experience that we all had.


In June, the Discovery Group visited the garden of a former President Barbara. The Group was an excellent mix of new Members to ones who have been Members for years. This garden surrounds a very interesting home with a blue tiles roof, and the garden is divided into little vignettes emphasizing Barbara’s love of succulents both in ground and in very interesting containers. In fact many of our gardens were started with cuttings from her garden, so it is great to see how she has designed her plants.