July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016



September 2015

  • Friday, September 4, Carlsbad Garden Club meeting, 1p, Dove Library, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA. Program TBD
  • Carlsbad Garden Club Discovery meeting 1:00p, Loc. TBD
  • Palomar District Fall Board Meeting 10:00a, Loc. TBD
  • Petals for Patriots 9:30a, Loc. TBD
  • September 21-23, Flower Show School, Course 1, San Diego Botanic Garden, Encinitas, CA.  Holt:  Southwestern Judges’ Council, Chairperson:  Emily Troxell


October 2015

  • Friday, October 2, Carlsbad Garden Club meeting, 1p, Dove Library, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA. Program TBD
  • Palomar District Floral Design Forum http://californiagardenclubs.com/content/events-calendar.
  • Carlsbad Garden Club Discovery meeting, Loc. TBD
  • Petals for Patriots 9:30a, Loc. TBD


November 2015

  • Friday, November 6, CGC Meeting, 1p, Dove Library, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA. Program TBD
  • 3rd: Palomar District Floral Design Forum http://californiagardenclubs.com/content/events-calendar.
  • 7th: CGC 1:PM Dove Library  “All about our Soil” by Jonathon Goodmacher (photo #1)
  • 18th: CGC Discovery Meeting from 9:30 to 11:30 AM@BJ’s, (photos 2-4)


December 2015

  • 1st: Palomar District Floral Design Forum http://californiagardenclubs.com/content/events-calendar.
  • 5th: CGC Annual Holiday Potluck, Bow Making Workshop and an Exchange of Garden Tips @ 12:30 PM @ Dove Library. (photo #5)
  • 16th: CGC Discovery Meeting Holiday Potluck & Gift Exchange @12:00 Noon@ Vonnie’s. RSVP


January 2016


February 2016

  • Friday, February 5, CGC Meeting, 1p, Dove Library, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA. Program TBD
  • 2nd: Palomar District Floral Design Forum http://californiagardenclubs.com/content/events-calendar.
  • 6th: CGC Meeting: 1:PM @ Dove Library “All about Miniature and Mini-flora Roses” by Gary Bulman
  • 17th: CGC Discovery Meeting 1:00 PM @ Maxine’s, “Potting Party/Project; bring pots and cuttings!
  • Monday, February 22, Palomar District winter annual meeting, details TBD


March 2016

  • Friday, March 4, CGC Meeting, 1p, Dove Library, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA. Program TBD
  • 2nd: Palomar District Floral Design Forum http://californiagardenclubs.com/content/events-calendar.
  • 6th: CGC Mtg @1 PM @ Dove Library  “All about Heirloom Tomatoes from Seed to Salsa” by Karen Cooper Greenwall, the “Tomato Queen”. Our slate of Officers for 2015-16 will be announced.
  • 7th: CA Arbor Day…Plant a tree!!!!!!!!
  • 14th: World Water Day from 9AM to 1PM……plant sale @ Discovery Center, AHLF
  • 17th: CGC Discovery @ Sue’s Fertilizer Workshop@1 PM RSVP
  • 21st: UCCE Master Gardener Spring Seminar. 7:30AM to 3:30. Register Master GardenerSD.org 
  • 28th CA Friendly Landscape Training Seminar 9AM to Noon,  Carlsbad Municipal Water District, Free, registration required 760-438-2722, ext 7153 or remillard@carlsbadca.gov  space limited


April 2016

  • Friday, April 1, CGC Meeting, 1p, Dove Library, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA. Program TBD
  • 6th: Palomar District Floral Design Forum http://californiagardenclubs.com/content/events-calendar.
  • 20th-22nd: Pacific Region 72nd Convention, Eugene, OR
  • 24thCGC Field Trip to Art Alive @ the Museum of Art in Balboa Park Carpool from Wendy’s, Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas by 9:15 AM. Reservations organized by Cindy. No Host Lunch @ the Prado.
  • 25th and 26th: Cole Library Plant and Book Sale, more details TBA


May 2016

  • Friday, May 6, CGC Meeting, 1p, Dove Library, 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA. Program TBD
  • CGC Annual Garden Tour Details TBA
  • 4th: Palomar District Floral Design Forum http://californiagardenclubs.com/content/events-calendar.
  • 12th-18th NGC 86th Convention, Louisville KY
  • 19th: CGC Discovery @Bonnie’s in Vista; Details TBA


June 2016

  • Friday, June 3, CGC Meeting, Noon, Robin’s Home Carlsbad, CA. Program Edible Gardening
    • CGC election and installation of officers for 2016-17 and potluck luncheon 1PM @ Dove Library 1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA.
  • 9th-12th: CGCI 83rd Convention, Reno Nevada
  • 16th: Day @the SD County Fair
  • 29th: Palomar District Summer Meeting @Balboa Park…refreshments and vendors starting at 9, Board Meeting at 10, then District Meeting, Lunch at 11:30, catered by Waters Fine Foods, then “Growing Balboa Park: From Coast Sage to Landscapes for an INternational Exposition” by Nancy Carter and private tour by Kim Duclo at 2PM. Total Cost $30 Check and Lunch Choice due by June 12th. Hosted by Master Gardener Association of SD CountContact BJ ASAP


July 2015

Date to be Announced: Petals for Patriots

August 2015

  • 7th: CGC Annual Garden Party @ Member’s Garden @Noon
  • TBA: Petals for Patriots


September 2015

  • ____ CGCI Fall Board Mtg TBA




November CGC Meeting

“All About Our Soil”

by Jonathon Goodmacher

Our Discovery Group in November was invited to BJ’s home and garden. A Master Gardener has been working on her garden for some time. This lovely landscape went along very well with Jonathon speech on soil, since BJ talked about she had to keep redesigning her garden as she learned more about our local soil. This affected her choices concerning plants and the irrigation system. Inside her kitchen we can see an example of her sense of humor as well as her gardening skills. Note the display of this potato growing!


At our December CGC Meeting,

we had a wonderful potluck and

we exchanged some garden tips based on our own life experiences.


Carlsbad Garden Club (CGC)

December 5, 2014

Members Best Gardening Tips


Susan:  Don’t ever put Neem oil on gardenias.

Kitty:     Worm castings help keep white fly and ants off of plants.

Fran:      Use worm castings around roses also, water after applying.

Sara:      Be sure to soak new plants in water before you put them in the ground.

Sue:       Never plant horse tail, ivy or peppermint in the ground, always use containers.

BJ:          Clausen Nursery is the best for citrus and avocado trees in North County. The staff is very helpful and will answer all your questions.  Tip: use 7 gallons of water a week for a 6’ foot tree, and an extra gallon for each foot over 6 feet. A yesterday, today and tomorrow plant, on east side of house, doesn’t appear to be doing well. Advice from the members,” have patience”.

Robin:   Water and fertilize lemon trees regularly.  It makes a difference.  Grow Power from Grangetto’s     is the best.

Mary:     Regularly water drought tolerant plants for the first 2 years.

Vonnie:  Scalping lantana is good, it comes back luscious.  Scalp them 2 times a year, once in January/February and once in the summer. Buy and use lady bugs.  Release them in laundry bag placed over the plant.

Rada:      Mini roses should be transplanted from container immediately after blooming.

Cindy:      When designing a yard, think symmetrical, in balance. If not symmetrical, think of 3’s and 5’s and repeat.

Rita:         Be sure to pick up dropped camellia flowers and cut them back.

Maxine:   She ran out of potting soil and put clippings directly into homemade compost pile, and the clippings are rooting and are doing very well!

Guest Carol:    Sago palms do need sun.

BarbaraD:        Pull weeds prior to applying reemerge weed killers.

Ellen:            Buy locally grown plants, they will do better.

Chris:            My Mom prays before planting:  “Grow in the grace and glory of God.”


Our January Speaker was Jennifer from Gardens by the Sea, a nursery in Leucadia on 101/PCH. Her topic was designing with succulents for containers and wall hangings.

Then our Discovery Trip on January 20th was to Living Art Landscapes in Cardiff which concentrated on designing with succulents outside. Homeowner, Designer and Builder Joseph Hall presented his own garden, the garden he designed and built next door as a donation for a church property as well as the many plants that he has propagated for sale very inexpensively. The middle picture below is a plant that none of us had seen before. He very graciously gave us some cuttings for our own gardens.


Gary Bulman spoke on “Miniature Rose Horticulture in Containers”. Limited to a mere 300 roses in his Escondido garden by spousal decree, he finds miniatures very appealing. He brought in some to demonstrate “how to pot” and to sell. He provided notes, links and an “Easy Rose Care Calendar” (www.sdrosesociety.org). An entertaining speaker, he answered questions. After demonstrating, he called for a volunteer to ppot another rose. Gini, a Guest, raised her hand and was called on. She only wanted to buy the rose, but was a good sport, so she came up and potted the rose. (Photo, left) The yellow rose, named “Phil Ash” to honor a prominent local Rosarian, was hybridized by Gary.

After refreshments, Susan conducted the monthly meeting. Maxine, Nominating Chair, filled out the slate of Officers to be officially announced next month. Wearing her other hat, as plant sale Chair, she discussed the March 14th Sale and the April 25th-26nd, and signed up volunteers. BJ provided information on various upcoming events (see Calendar above). Mary H read a “thank you” from the AHLF. Mary T collected the “jars for change”, money donated to the scholarship fund. Susan announced the third “Lifetime Member” after reminding us of the 2 previous winners, Mary T and Barbara D. (see Garden Buzz)


At our March Club Meeting, San Diego Master Gardener, Karen Cooper Greenwall, was officially crowned the “Tomato Queen”  by the Point Loma Garden Club because of her obsession with heirloom tomatoes. She has gathered seeds from all over the world from her travels and from catalogues. She brought some plants with which she demonstrated the best method to plant  whether in the ground and in a pot. She also provided us with handouts giving tips, information about seeds, supplements, transplant mix and her sources. She gave answers to our many questions and reassured us that we could succeed.

At this very busy meeting,

  • We made plans for the March 14th and the April 25th-26th plant sales.
  • Cindy provided us with information for our next Club Meeting…we will be going to the Art Alive exhibit at Balboa Park. Floral designers are assigned a painting and they make a floral arrangement using the painting as inspiration. Contact her for more details. The plan is to go there on April 24th.
  • Mary T gave us the details of our “jars for change” We collected over $1000 to go to our Scholarship Fund.
  • The Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation has offered us the opportunity to have a permanent place to sell plants at their facility at the Discovery Center (intersection of Faraday and Cannon). More details to follow. This opportunity has been offered to us in recognition for our efforts helping to maintain the native plants there.

We participated at the TIPTOP Race for World Water Day, March 14, 2015  right near the finish line. Members of the staff at Discovery Center, including Lisa Rodman, Director, volunteers associated with the AHLF, vendors and us cheered each of the runners (5K, 10K or Kids) as they crossed the finish line. A great community experience, and the Carlsbad Garden Club was proud to be part of it. We sold our plants that we’ve been propagating all year from our own cuttings, and then. Lisa brought the unsold succulents to become part of the Living Wall, a project that is coming soon.

The photo on the right , from left to right are Fran, our Treasurer, Marilyn, Anne, former President and current Garden Tour Chair, Susan, our current President, Ellen, the webmaster, Donna S, our Sunshine Chair.

Below, from left to right, you can see our banner purchased from the CGCI with Anne Smith, former President and Linda Sterret, Membership Chair on the left. In the middle picture, are some of our plants for sale. On the right, all of those plants were priced at $1 each, and in the background is Donna S, and Marilyn Myers. Missing from the pictures are Rada Smith, and Gina Brown, former and current Historians. Also missing are the many Members who have helped all year long growing these plants and who also deserve thanks.


Scenes at the Discovery Center

A Swallow’s Nest off the roof of the Coffee Kiosk!

A Community Effort to have Carlsbad recognized as “the Kindest City”. The slogan is “have you fed Darlene (the dolphin, today?” and the donations are collected on a daily basis and given to charity.