1. We were called to order at 1:10 p.m. by President Linda Durham.
  2. Leigh Haddad introduced our guest speaker, Nan Sterman, known for her show on PBS called “A
    Growing Passion” and her company, Water Wise Gardener. Nan’s presentation topic was “Hot Color Dry
    Garden: Water-wise Gardening. Nan has a degree in Botany from Duke University. She focused on
    plants from the Mediterranean regions of the globe that grow with little water and yet produce
    lovely color in the garden, everything from soft to brilliant. In Nan’s opinion, the hot colors do
    particularly well in Southern California, especially when contrasted with a dusky house color that
    lets the flower colors “pop.” Nan shared with us many plant examples and a long list of the plants
    used in her slide show. For container gardens, Nan recommends one color for all pots to avoid
    “chaos” (with the exception of terracotta pots which can be used in any color), or, if preferred,
    one can go with pots of different colors, but all pots should be of the same shape. Nan’s talk
    ended at approximately 2:25 p.m.
  3. At approximately 2:45 p.m., after our snack break, Linda called us to order for the business
    portion of our meeting.
  4. Linda thanked Stevie Hall for her hard work on our membership directory which was distributed
    to all members as we arrived for today’s meeting.
  5. Katie Gibson moved, and Judy Froning seconded, that we approve the Minutes of our last
    meeting. The motion carried.
  6. Stevie once again volunteered take charge of printing a new pamphlet to give to people who may
    be interested in joining our garden club.
  7. Linda recognized each member who has a birthday during the month of October.
  8. Judy reminded us of our upcoming plant sale on October 19th at the local coffee shop. She
    thanked all of the volunteers who are growing plants for the sale and those who have volunteered to
    work the plant sale.
  9. Linda announced that our member Julianne Adamik has volunteered her lovely garden with 51 roses
    for our next garden tour scheduled May 15th (not our usual day for the garden tour) and announced
    that we need one more home for the tour.
  10. Leigh announced that our next speaker will be from the Community Garden Club. The talk will
    focus on garden apps for one’s cell phone.
  11. Linda announced that she resigned as our President effective with the end of today’s meeting.
  12. Marilyn Wilson introduced us to a Brazilian cactus called “Royal Queen which she found growing
    along the road in front of Lowe’s.
  13. Our meeting concluded at 3:00 p.m.