Officers and Chairs of Committees


Julie Adamik is the Carlsbad Garden Club’s President



Per the Club’s bylaws the President is the Chief Executive Officer and shall supervise the Club, preside at all meetings of the members, execute contracts, checks and other instruments authorized by the Board of Directors, be an ex-officio member of all standing committees, attend all meetings of the Palomar District at the expense of the Carlsbad Garden Club, maintain a “President’s Book” to include records of the activities of the Club and  accomplishments, awards, copies of the Treasurer’s and Membership’s reports that shall be provided to the incoming president for his/her aid and thereafter to be given to the Carlsbad Historical Society situated in the Carlsbad Cole Library.

Lisa Potocki is the Carlsbad Garden Club’s Vice President


Per the Club’s bylaws the Vice President shall perform all duties of the president when that person is unavailable or unable to do so.  The Vice President shall determine programs and speakers for the general meetings for the year, provide a list of programs and speakers to the President and Directory Chair, confirm with the speakers in advance to ensure their presence and equipment necessary for the program, send thank you notes to the speakers, inform the treasurer of the costs of the programs to assist with budget planning and ensure payment of speakers’ fees, coordinate with the Discovery chair to ensure no duplication.  A speakers list can be obtained from the Palomar District.  The Vice President should maintain records of events and provide same to the incoming vice president.

Marti Billings is the Carlsbad Garden Club’s Secretary

The Secretary shall maintain a copy of the By-laws, maintain a book of minutes of all meetings of the members and directors of the Club including motions which are passed or rejected, be custodian of the Club records and maintain a hard copy of correspondence and the membership roster updated as members join or leave, be responsible for all correspondence, and present minutes of the prior meeting of the Club to the members, either verbally and/or by e-mail.

Marty Burstein is the Carlsbad Garden Club’s Treasurer

Per the Club’s bylaws Treasurer shall have charge and custody and be responsible for all funds, deposit same in the Club bank account, which account shall be selected by the Board of Directors, maintain an accurate account of the Club income and disbursements, contact members who are delinquent in dues payment, disburse funds as directed by the Board of Directors and/or the membership at a regularly scheduled membership meeting, maintain a list of dues-paying Club members and provide same to the secretary, send quarterly dues based upon the number of Club members at the time of payment, including Honorary/Lifetime members, to the Palomar District and the California Garden Clubs, Inc. (the dollar amount of dues per member is determined by those organizations), pay the annual contribution to the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation, obtain an application from the California Garden Clubs, Inc. for liability insurance for the members based upon the number of members and ensure the amount due is paid prior to January 1 so as not to incur a late fee or possible loss of coverage, obtain an application from McDaniel Insurance on line for the insurance coverage protecting directors and officers and  pay same when due by February 1, pay the annual rental for the post office box, send California Garden Clubs, Inc. an application to ensure this Club’s non-profit status is maintained, on a semi-annual basis, prepare the registration form with the California Secretary of State and pay the fee, obtain a list of the title owners of the properties to be shown on the annual garden tour and obtain liability insurance for each one no later than four (4) weeks prior to the date of the tour, pay all grants and scholarships as determined by the Board of Directors and/or approved by the membership at a regularly scheduled meeting.




Jennifer Campbell is the Carlsbad Garden Club’s Parliamentarian

Per the Club’s bylaws the duties of the Parliamentarian shall include monitoring each meeting of the Club to advise and ensure that all such meetings are conducted in accordance with the By-laws of the Club and Robert Rules of Informal Order.  The By-laws shall be reviewed on an annual basis and the Parliamentarian shall organize a committee to conduct the review and/or make suggestions for amendments and/or deletions.  The report shall be presented at a Board of Directors meeting for their review and/or approval.  If changes are recommended, these changes shall be presented to the membership at a duly noticed meeting for their approval.

Committee Chairpersons

The following are chairs of their respective committees:

  • Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation: 
  • Annual Garden Tour: 
  • Club Directory:  Maria Mayo
  • Decorations:
  • Discovery Group: 
  • Exchange Table:  
  • Facilities for General Meeting: Rosita Sisson 
  • Greeters and New Member Partners:  Maria Mayo
  • Historian: 
  • Holiday Activity:  Leigh Haddad
  • Horticulture:  Doug Hansen
  • Hospice of the North County:  
  • Internet Presence:  Jennifer Campbell
  • Membership:  Maria Mayo
  • Palomar District Delegate:
  • Pennies for Pines:  Katy Gibson
  • Petals for Patriots:  
  • Plant Cart Sales at Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation: 
  • Plant Sales:  
  • Potlucks: Laura Pena
  • Publicity: 
  • Refreshments:  Rosita Sisson 
  • Scholarships and Grants: 
  • Sunshine:  Nancy Stock