I’m so excited to have the opportunity to serve the Carlsbad Garden Club as your new president!  I joined this wonderful organization just a few short years ago with absolutely no idea how to grow anything.  Seriously…not a thing!  Now, I stare in wonder every time I walk out into my garden and see all the lovely flowers growing (especially the roses), hardly believing that I grew these!  My mom would be so proud.  She loved to grow flowers.  When I was a busy corporate executive, she would always say to me, “Julie, you need to slow down.  Stop and smell the roses.”  Done, mom!

Our garden club isn’t just about the plants and flowers.  It’s also about the intangible rewards and joy that comes from being a part of such a delightful group of women and men who share an interest in being good stewards of the land–at least our little piece of it!

This year we begin our 89th year and you will continue to see your old favorites and some exciting new activities.  Our year is packed with great speakers, fun field trips, delicious potlucks and much, much more.

See you all soon!

Julie Adamik, President Carlsbad Garden Club